AARP SC Special Election Telephone Town Hall Call



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Teresa Arnold discusses the AHCA and Age Tax.
What does AARP contend the Affordable Care Act did for seniors?
John Hishta discusses the importance of members to stay involved and updated.


AARP South Carolina held this event for members in the 5th Congressional District regarding the special election to be held on June 20th. This new congressman will immediately join the healthcare debate and AARP South Carolina wanted to discuss this situation with their members voting in this election. AARP SC State Director Teresa Arnold opened the call by discussing the Age Tax that is currently in Congress and explained part of the new proposed healthcare law. Senior VP of Campaigns for AARP John Hishta stated his concern that the Senate has not been forthcoming with the American Health Care Act. He stressed the importance of members to stay involved with this healthcare debate and be aware of what is happening.