Gift Card Scams: Learn How To Protect Yourself



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Kathy Stokes answered a question about if there is a certain type of gift card scammers ask for more than others.
AG Peter Neronha answered a question about romance scams.
AG Neronha answered a question about keeping yourself safe from scammers online.


AARP Rhode Island hosted this Access Live event to discuss gift card payment scams and how to keep yourself protected. This event featured Attorney General Peter Neronha and Kathy Stokes, AARP Fraud Watch Network. There was discussion about imposter scams, online relationships, and how theses scams are likely to target older adults, as they seem to be more accessible. Hosts also fielded various questions regarding AI scams, asphalt scams, and how the Attorney General’s office is working to warn Rhode Islanders of new and popular scams.