An Important Conversation About Imposter Scams



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Attorney General Peter Neronha answered a question about possible solutions to deter scam callers.
Amy Nofziger discusses a scam protection solution for your landline.
Amy Nofziger answered a question about whether the IRS will call you.


AARP Rhode Island hosted this Access Live event to discuss imposter scams and how you can stay protected. The event featured Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Neronha and Amy Nofziger, AARP Director of Fraud Victim Support. They told listeners that the best approach to these scammers is prevention. They mentioned that they are seeing a lot of IRS imposter scams this time of year, as well as grandparent scams, and provided information about scam protection software for your landline. Participants asked questions regarding possible solutions to deter scam callers and whether the IRS will call you.