Teletown Hall: Imposter Scams



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Michael Donovan answers a question about Medicare Flex cards.
Michael Donovan answers a question regarding scam calls with threatening language.
Michael Donovan responds to a participant about romance scams.


AARP Pennsylvania hosted this Access Live event to discuss the challenges of fraud in America. Guest speakers were Mary Bach, Chair, AARP Consumer Issues Task Force; Nick Grippo, Regional Director, Philadelphia Regional Office, Securities & Exchange Commission; and Michael Donovan, Chief of the Economic Crimes Unit, U.S. Attorney’s Office, Eastern District of PA.  They spoke of warning signs and what to do if contacted by scammers and resources you can use for help when you’ve been scammed. Participants had questions and concerns regarding romance scams, fraud red flags, callers wanting personal information and trying to get credit card info and scammers targeting specific individuals.