AARP Oregon Town Hall on COVID-19



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Dr. Jim Shames answers a question about taking off masks in public places when we haven't met herd immunity goals yet.
Dr. Jim Shames responds to a question about the variants of the virus and the prospects of having to wear a mask your entire life.
Dr. Jim Shames explains why if you are vaccinated, why it is recommended to follow mandates to wear a mask indoors?


AARP Oregon hosted this Access Live event to discuss how to live a healthy life in a COVID-19 world. The event featured Dr. Jim Shames, Medical Director and Health Officer for Jackson County, and Karen Hooker, Ph.D. Founding Director of the Center for Healthy Aging Research, who shared information and resources about vaccinations and an eventual end to isolation. Callers inquired about understanding herd immunity, reducing social restrictions and mask mandates, and other health consequences that emerged from the pandemic.