AARP Oregon Town Hall on the COVID-19 Vaccine



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Dr. Paul Cieslak answers a question about vaccination options for people with mobility issues limiting their ability to participate at a walk-through clinic.
Dr. Paul Cieslak answers a question about what happens to vaccine supply when eligible people decline to get vaccinated.
Dr. Paul Cieslak answers a question about vaccine eligibility for grandparents who provide child care.


AARP Oregon held this Access Live event to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine distribution plan in Oregon. This event featured Dr. Paul Cieslak, Medical Director of Communicable Diseases and Immunizations in the Public Health Division at the Oregon Health Authority, who provided important medical insight and helped address participant questions and concerns. Participants asked questions about vaccine supply and demand, vaccine distribution plans and current eligibility, vaccination locations, and possible side effects or allergic reactions to the vaccine.