AARP Oregon Town Hall on Age Discrimination



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Employment Attorney Matthew Ellis answers a question about legislation regarding forced early retirement.
Matthew Ellis addresses how House Bill 2818 seeks to fix age discrimination problems.
Patricia Garner spoke about how age discrimination is routinely practiced.


AARP Oregon hosted this Access Live event to discuss advocacy efforts aimed at strengthening age discrimination laws in the state. The event featured Oregon State Representative Carla Piluso, Employment Attorney Matthew Ellis, and Patricia Garner from the American Association of University Women, who addressed age discrimination and the fact that American workers age 50 and over now represent a third of our nation’s workforce. Information was provided on Oregon State House Bill 2818, which designates it an unlawful for an employer to seek the age of applicant prior to making a conditional offer of employment and does not require an employee to retire at certain age. This piece of legislation also allows a person to bring civil action alleging certain types of employment discrimination.