AARP Oregon FraudWatch Network Telephone Town Hall



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Guest Speakers Ron Burley and Ellen Klem provide tips on how to avoid identity theft.
How do fraud protection services monitor your information to help prevent identity theft?
Why does the government allow Medicare to use your social security number on the Medicare card?


This live, interactive Vekeo event was hosted by AARP Oregon with Communications Director, Joyce DeMonnin. The guest speakers were Ron Burley, Consumer Advocate for AARP, and Ellen Klem, Attorney for the Oregon Department of Justice and Director of Consumer Outreach and Education. The topic of discussion was on how to prevent fraud and identity theft. Fraud Watch was launched by AARP several years ago to educate members about fraud and scams in all 50 states. The guest speakers provided tips on how people can protect themselves and their families. Some members on the call shared their personal experiences.