AARP Oregon State Budget for Senior Services



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Do legislators plan to increase funding for home health?
Are there tax credits available to family caregivers?
Why is there a budget deficit when it seems like the economy is booming?


AARP Oregon hosted this live,interactive event for members in the state to discuss caregiving. The call featured AARP Oregon State Director Jerry Cohen, AARP Oregon's Associate State Director of Advocacy Jon Bartholomew, and State Representatives Cedric Hayden and Dan Rayfield. The hosts addressed the proposed state budget cuts for caregiver support and services that may affect older Oregonians. Participants learned that it is estimated that there are over 470,000 caregivers in the state equating to nearly $5 billion dollars in care each year. The hosts discussed Oregon Project Independence which supports older Oregonians and helps them stay in their homes for longer. The legislators discussed what is being done both locally and nationally to support caregivers, such as tax credits. The hosts also discussed the importance of caregiver respite to ensure personal health and well-being.