AARP Oklahoma Fraud Watch Network with Frank Abagnale




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Credit cards vs. Debit cards
Frank Abagnale shares three common scams used to defraud people.
Is it safe to use my cell phone for online banking purposes?


This live, interactive Vekeo event was hosted by AARP Oklahoma State Director Sean Voskuhl, and he was joined by guest speaker Frank Abagnale. Mr. Abagnale is a security consultant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and an AARP Fraud Watch Network Ambassador. He discussed with callers how to safeguard against identity theft and scams. He said it is not advisable to use public WiFi to fill out any forms where personal information is required. Mr. Abagnale also talked about Bill Pay, and how it is a safer way to pay bills because the liability rests with the bank. AARP members may sign up with AARP's Fraud Watch Network to receive up to date information on how to prevent fraud.