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Attorney General Scott Pruitt Remarks
How can you stop calls from scammers?
Give bogus information to scammers.
Is there a dedicated line for reporting scams?


In an effort to help protect Oklahomans from frauds and scams, AARP Oklahoma hosted a TeleForum with special guest Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt. Assistant Attorney General Julie Bays and AARP Oklahoma Fraud Fighter Wayne Blackmon of Tulsa provided information about tele-marketing scams, identity theft, the grandparent scam, Oklahoma’s Do Not Call list, charity fraud and repairman ripoff scams. Nearly 9,000 participants from across Oklahoma joined the call and had the chance to ask questions live and receive information about the AARP Oklahoma Fraud Watch Network.  To sign up for free Oklahoma Watchdog Alerts visit: You can reach the Fraud Watch Helpline at: 877-908-3360 and the Oklahoma Attorney General’s office at 405-521-3921 and ask to speak to Donna. If you would like to be added to the Oklahoma Do Not Call List please click here. Produced by Groundswell Communications.