AARP Oklahoma Nurse Practitioners Telephone Town Hall




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Why is Oklahoma so far behind the rest of the nation in regard to this issue?
Caller stated his support for Nurse Practitioners as providers
Why would anyone oppose HB 1013?


AARP Oklahoma hosted this telephone town hall with AARP OK State Director Sean Voskuhl and special guest Toni Pratt-Reid, President of the Association of Oklahoma Nurse Practitioners, to discuss House Bill 1013 with members in the state. A Nurse Practitioner (NP) is a registered nurse who holds a Master’s or Doctoral degree and is prepared to provide a wide range of preventative and health care services. This legislation would give NPs full authority to practice. The hosts explained how HB 1013 could improve access to quality care by helping to provide primary care to the under-served rural areas and supporting caregivers in Oklahoma. Toni Pratt-Reid discussed the extensive education and training of a Nurse Practitioner which was a question raised by many participants. Callers asked about the specifics of the legislation and the limitations of an NP, such as prescription-writing abilities.