Unfair Real Estate Agreements



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Mark Bennett spoke about how these long term agreements are impacting consumers in Ohio.
Samar Jha shared if older homeowners in other states are being targeted and how other states are handling this.
Mark Bennett answered a question about if this issue has to do with reverse mortgages.


AARP Ohio hosted this Access Live event to warn participants of an alarming trend in real estate involving companies offering homeowners money to sign long-term agreements for exclusive listing rights to homes. This event featured Mark Bennett, Executive Director, Ohio Land Title Association and Samar Jha, Government Affairs Director, AARP. There was discussion about how these agreements could sometimes be up to 40 years, warning signs, such as nominal money in exchange for exclusive contract or penalties for not using the company when property transfers. Hosts also fielded various questions regarding reverse mortgages, properties in a trust and calls asking property owners if they want to sell their home.