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Lauren Ryan answered a question about the current guidelines for nursing homes and visitations.
Allen Tittle answered a question about the best way to find a nursing home.
Joy Bivens answered a question about compensation for being a caregiver.


AARP Ohio hosted this Access Live event to discuss family caregiving during the coronavirus pandemic. This event featured Lauren Ann Ryan. Sr. Legislative Representative at AARP, Allen Tittle, co-owner and founder of Tittle & Perlmuter, and Joy Bivens; Director Franklin County Job & Family (JFS) & Deputy County Administrator for Health and Human Services. There was discussion about the newly passed Esther’s Law, which provides the ability of using technology to monitor a loved one’s room in a nursing home and support resources for caregivers. Hosts also fielded various questions regarding how to best choose a nursing home for a loved one, current CDC guidance regarding nursing home visitation, what to do if someone is being prevented from visiting a loved one in a nursing home, and compensation for being a caregiver.