Ohio Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution



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Hosts share why it is so important to get vaccinated and how herd immunity works.
Dr. Haller discussed the recent pause on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and the side effects.
Will those getting a vaccine need to provide social security number or financial information?


AARP Ohio held this Access Live event for their members to discuss the most recent COVID-19 vaccine distribution information, as well as to hear from their members about any questions and concerns they are facing during this time. Dr. Haller, DO, FAPWCA, CMD, Physician at Holzer Health System, discussed the recent pause on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, how it will come back into production, and how those getting it can be re-assured of its efficacy. Nina Keller, MSW, LSW, Executive Director of Area Agency on Aging District 7, discussed what the Area Agency of Aging provides for people. The hosts discussed vaccine availability in the state, how walk-in appointments are starting up, the indicators of a good vaccine supply, and the different vaccines with AARP-OH members.