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AARP North Carolina Fraud Watch Network held this live event featuring guest speakers Security Consultant Frank Abagnale and AARP's National President Eric Schneidewind. The topic of discussion was on how to protect yourself against different types of scams and identity theft. Mr. Abagnale provided several suggestions, one being to use a credit monitoring service as a way to help you receive alerts in real time. These alerts will tell you if anyone attempts to use your social security number, get a job in your name, or get a mortgage in your name. Frank Abagnale also recommended those who are not in need of using their credit to buy a new house, apply for a car loan, or get new credit cards, to freeze their credit. If you need your credit you can unfreeze it at any time. AARP's National President Eric Schneidewind discussed the availability of the online website and hotline available to AARP members for them to talk with a live person about any concerns or question they have regarding identify or other varieties of scams.