AARP Long Island Rx Affordability Town Hall



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Megan O'Reilly answered a question about a separate stand alone bill for lower drug prices.
Megan O'Reilly and Leigh Purvis answered a question about if the Veterans Administration can negotiate drug prices.
The hosts addressed a concern about tax payers funding prescription companies but paying high prices.


AARP New York hosted this Access Live event to connect with members in Long Island to discuss the high cost of prescription drugs and policy solutions to combat the problem. This event featured Megan O’Reilly, National Vice President for Health and Family, Government Affairs; Leigh Purvis, Director of Health Services Research at AARP’s Public Policy Institute; and David McNally, AARP NY Director of Government Affairs and Advocacy. They discussed what Congress is doing at the federal level with budget reconciliation, what the state of New York is doing on a state level, and what AARP is doing to advocate for their members. Participants inquired about separate legislation to lower drug prices, if the Veterans Administration can negotiate drug prices, and the fact that tax payers fund prescription companies yet pay high prices.