Affordable Care Act Enrollment



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Kelvin Sapp answered a question about having Medicare.
Kelvin Sapp answered a question about getting insurance through the Marketplace if you are unemployed.
Kelvin Sapp answered a question about the age requirement.


AARP New York hosted this Access Live event to talk about Affordable Care Act open enrollment and what the faith community can do to get the message out to those who are eligible. This event featured Toya Beasley, radio host; Kelvin Sapp, Project Coordinator, NY State of Health at New York State Department of Health; Dr. Robert Waterman, Pastor at Antioch Baptist Church; and Dr. Marc Rivera, Senior Pastor of the Primitive Christian Church. They discussed current enrollment opportunities, age requirements for coverage, and if you are eligible for coverage if you are unemployed. Pastor Dr. Waterman and Pastor Dr. Rivera shared how they are helping people get coverage and spoke about living a Godly life by living a healthy life and how faith and health work together.