Conversation with Voting Rights Panel



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Lorena Blanco-Silva speaks about the importance of exercising your right to vote.
Lorena Blanco-Silva and Rosa Isela Cervantes answer questions about the challenges Latinos face in voting.
Havens Levitt talks about what SAGE is doing to encourage the LGBTQ+ community to vote.


AARP New Mexico held this Access Live event to discuss the importance of voting in the upcoming 2020 election, especially for communities of color and people who are marginalized. This event featured: Rosa Isela Cervantes, Director of El Centro de la Raza at the University of New Mexico; Havens Levitt, Program Administrator at SAGE Albuquerque Advocacy and Services for LGBT Elders; and Lorena Blanco-Silva, Diversity Programs Director at the University of New Mexico Division for Equity and Inclusion. Together they shared personal voting stories, discussed the importance of voting, and explained what their organizations are doing to advocate for underrepresented communities.