Connecting Veterans to Services and Resources


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Andrew Welch, Director of the New Mexico VA Health Care System, answers a question regarding qualifying for disability and how to get connected to resources.
Andrew Welch answers a question about reapplying for services and spousal support.
Andrew Welch answers questions on benefits for hearing impairments and resources available to assist in the application process.


AARP New Mexico hosted this Access Live event to share resources available for veterans, military, and their families. The event featured: Gary Williams, AARP Associate State Director for Community Outreach; Andrew Welch, Medical Center Director of the New Mexico Veterans Affairs Health Care System; and Steve Carter, Co-Director of AARP’s Veteran, Military, and their Families Program. Together they discussed how to navigate changes in the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, information related to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as resources available through the AARP Veteran, Military, and their Families Program.