Telephone Town Hall with Congressman Donald Payne



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Congressman Payne discussed the provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act that will affect Americans 50+.
Megan O'Reilly discussed the history of Medicare prescription drug negotiations and why recent changes are so monumental.
Congressman Payne discussed what helped convince members of Congress to vote yes to support lowering the cost of prescription drugs and passing the new prescription drug law.


AARP New Jersey held this Telephone Townhall with Congressman Donald Payne Jr., representative for New Jersey’s 10th Congressional District and Megan O’Reilly, Vice President, Health and Family, Govt Affairs at AARP to discuss the newly enacted prescription drug law lowering prescription drug prices for Medicare recipients. Topics of discussion included prescription drugs to be negotiated in the coming years, free vaccines, and price increases in relation to inflation. Congressman Payne also fielded various questions regarding Medicare open enrollment, insulin through Part D and the Extra Help Program.