Telephone Town Hall on COVID Vaccines and Boosters



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How serious is it if people 65 and over do not get a booster?
How soon after you have COVID can you get a booster, and can you get booster shots and flu shots together?
Is it a good idea to mix Pfizer and Moderna primary vaccines and boosters?


AARP New Jersey hosted this Access Live event to discuss the COVID-19 vaccine and booster distribution. Joining the call was New Jersey Department of Health Commissioner, Judy Persichilli, and Senior Advisor to the Commissioner, Dr. Margaret Fisher. Hosts discussed the most recent state of the virus and vaccination efforts across the state, and encouraged all participants to get vaccinated against COVID-19 as well as getting the flu shot. Participants asked questions on the timing of booster shots with the flu shot, the safety of travel with the upcoming holidays, and precautions to take if planning on traveling and being around extended family members.