AARP New Hampshire with Senator Kelly Ayotte



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What can be done to help caregivers who are living below the poverty line?
What do you feel is the solution to ensure the future of Social Security?
Senator Kelly Ayotte shares about her involvement in the Assisting Caregivers Today caucus.


AARP New Hampshire held this live, interactive event with United States Senator Kelly Ayotte, representing the state of New Hampshire, to discuss care giving and Social Security. Senator Ayotte shared with participants that she was glad to be able to discuss the topic of caregiving, as people should consider that they may one day either be a caregiver or be in a position to need care. The Senator discussed her involvement in the creation of a caucus, Assisting Caregivers Today (ACT), to address the needs of caregivers. Todd Fahey, State Director of AARP New Hampshire, advised participants that in New Hampshire they have over 173,000 family caregivers, and that many of them are unpaid for their work. He shared that these caregivers together provide approximately 2.3 billion dollars of unpaid care. Senator Ayotte shared that Assisting Caregivers Today is a bipartisan, bicameral effort, and seeks to focus on how to provide care and support for caregivers.