Tele Town with U.S. Rep. Dina Titus



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Representative Dina Titus discussed if the new law will apply to Medicare Advantage or only for regular Medicare.
Representative Dina Titus discussed the provisions in the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act that will directly affect the 50+.
Representative Dina Titus discussed if Medicare negotiations will affect what medicines Doctors can prescribe.


AARP Nevada held this Telephone Townhall featuring guest speaker, US Representative Dina Titus┬árepresentative for Nevada’s 1st Congressional District to communicate with their members to learn about how the Inflation Reduction Act will lower the cost and save you money on Rx drugs. Participants went live to address their concerns and topics included Medicare negotiations and expanding Medicare benefits. More specifically, US Representative Titus informed participants’ about provisions affecting 50 year old’s and older, insulin prices dropping, caps that will be on medical benefits in the year 2026, and all vaccinations will be covered.