Lowering Prescription Drug Costs



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Leigh Purvis answered a question about penalties for drug companies that raise prices faster than inflation.
Leigh Purvis answered a question about what drug companies are doing to repeal provisions to lower drug prices.
Leigh Purvis answered a question about whether there will be a price cap for insulin pens, as well as pumps.


AARP Nebraska hosted this Access Live event to discuss the new Medicare benefits that are available starting this month. This event featured Leigh Purvis, Director of Health Care Costs and Access in AARP’s Public Policy Institute (PPI) and Megan O’Reilly, VP of Government Affairs for Health and Family Policy, AARP.  They discussed how participants could lower their prescription drug costs. Participants asked questions regarding extreme costs that drug companies charge for medications, insulin pens for diabetic patients, and how these new laws will help people who are not on Medicare.