AARP Nebraska Town Hall on Brain Health



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Dr. Daniel Murman answered a question about if supplements can help improve memory.
Dr. Matthew Rizzo answers a question about research and memory loss.
Dr. Rizzo answered a question about COVID-19 and dementia.


AARP Nebraska hosted this Access Live event with University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) Mind & Brain Health Labs professionals to discuss brain health. The event featured Dr. Jennifer Merickel, Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurological Sciences and Co-Lead at  Mind & Brain Health Labs, Dr. Matthew Rizzo, Chair of the Department of Neurological Sciences and Lead Physician of the Neuroscience Clinical Program, and Department of Neurological Sciences Director Dr. Daniel Murman, who shared tips and tools on how to keep the brain healthy. Hosts also fielded questions regarding a link between COVID-19 and dementia, nutrition to prevent disease, and general ways to slow or prevent memory loss.