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How can we help to educate others about fraud and scam protection?
Is the Medicare Enrollment TV ads a scam?
Does a 90 day hold on credit accounts provide enough protection against identify theft?
What can I do about computer scams?


AARP Nebraska hosted this event in order to educate Nebraska residents about how to protect themselves from fraud and identity theft. AARP NE State Director Connie Benjamin, along with AARP Foundation Director of Regional Operations Income Impact Team, Amy Nofziger; Assistant Director of the NE Department of Banking and Finance, Jack Herstein; and Senior Counsel for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission FCC, Rebecca Franciscus, took callers live to answer questions and help clarify many different topics related to investment fraud, identity fraud and scam protection. Many callers were curious about ways to avoid scammers over the phone, on the internet, and via mail. Hosts then provided tips and resources to better avoid fraud and identity theft, and steps to take should participants fall victim to scams. Produced by Groundswell.