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Bill Sweeney answered a question about protecting Medicare.
Bill Sweeney answered a question about cutting Social Security.
Mike Watson answered a question about where the biggest need is in livable communities.


The AARP National Office of Volunteer Engagement (OVE) hosted this Access Live event to connect with AARP volunteers and to discuss the latest issues with them during this time. This event featured Michelle Becote-Jackson, AARP Vice President of Volunteer Engagement; Bill Sweeney, Government Affairs, AARP; Mike Watson, Director, AARP Livable Communities; Rebecca Delphia, AARP Livable Communities; Marie Bonaminio, AARP Idaho; and Coralette Hannon, Director, AARP Livable Communities, Government Affairs. There was discussion about what livable communities means to AARP. Participants asked questions regarding what is being done to protect Medicare from being taken away, balancing the budget, and transportation issues.