AARP & 100 Black Men of America Town Hall: Mid-Term Elections



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Highlight Clips

Thomas Dortch Jr. explains the “Real Men Vote” campaign.
Rawle Andrews discusses the “Be the Difference. Vote.” campaign.
Rawle Andrews shares some of the efforts being made to capture the African American vote in various black communities.
Mr. Andrews discusses the non-partisan position of AARP and their intentions with this election cycle.
A caller shares his thoughts on the importance of voting and being an active participant in the government.


AARP and 100 Black Men of America hosted this Access Live event to discuss the midterm elections and what is at stake for the African-American community. A panel of guest speakers discussed the importance of each person’s vote and the importance of the African-American community at the polls. Rawle Andrews Jr Esq, Regional Vice President of AARP; Shani Hosten, Vice President of African American Black Strategy at AARP; Thomas Dortch Jr, Chairman of 100 Black Men of America; and Rev. Dr. C.T. Vivian answered questions from participants and provided resources available to them at election time.