Hear the stories of heroic Montana Veterans



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Curt Synness told the story of Elwin Franklin's heroic story of survival after being hit by a Chinese communist grenade.
David McCumber shared with participants how to nominate a veteran to be honored in the newspaper with a story.
A participant shared that her husband is a WWII Vet and the Montana Independent Review featured him years ago. She reported that he's still doing well!


AARP Montana hosted this Access Live event to feature the stories of Montana Veterans who demonstrated heroism in service of our country, ahead of the upcoming Memorial Day holiday. David McCumber, Editor of the Montana Standard and Curt Synness, reporter and writer for the Montana Independent Record joined the event to discuss their newspaper series, Stories of Honor, that feature local Montana heroes. Hosts shared incredible stories of heroism and survival despite harrowing odds and thanked each and every veteran for their service and sacrifice.