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Governor Gianforte discussed Montana's vaccine rollout.
Dr. Kuntzweiler answered a question about the guidelines for those that are fully vaccinated.
Dr. Kuntzweiler and Sarah Medley answered a question about how to encourage the younger population to get vaccinated.


AARP Montana hosted this Access Live event with medical professionals from Mountain-Pacific Quality Health to discuss the latest Covid-19 information on the virus and vaccine distribution. This event featured Governor Greg Gianforte, Dr. Douglas Kuntzweiler, MD and Family Medicine Specialist in Helena, MT, Sarah Medley, ‎CEO of Mountain-Pacific Quality Health, and Tim Summers, State Director, AARP Montana. Governor Gianforte shared an update on the vaccine rollout in Montana and urged people to get registered to get the vaccine. Sarah Medley shared stories of why people are getting vaccinated and spoke about the My Why Campaign. Dr. Kuntzweiler shared guidelines to follow once becoming fully vaccinated.