AARP Montana Town Hall on COVID-19 Update



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Dr. Douglas Kuntzweiler and Tony King answered a question about booster shots.
Dr. Douglas Kuntzweiler answered a question about a COVID vaccine for children under 12 and if there will be a vaccine for the variants.
Tony King answered a question about which pharmacy will be giving the booster shots.


AARP Montana hosted this Access Live event to provide an update on the latest Covid-19 information. This event featured Troy Schockley, News Director at KCAP, The Montana Radio Company; Tony King, Director of Pharmacy Programs, Mountain-Pacific Quality Health; Dr. Douglas Kuntzweiler, Chief Medical Officer, Mountain-Pacific Quality Health; and Sara Medley, CEO of Mountain-Pacific Quality Health. They discussed the COVID variants and booster shots. Participants asked questions on the specifics of the booster shots, efficacy decline after the initial vaccination, and where booster shots will be available.