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Why do the scammers make more money by selling medical information and what do they use it for?
Is there anything that can be done to trace scam calls and prosecute?
Participant says that somebody put hold on her mail.


This event was held by AARP Kansas City director Diane Hall, with special guest Dr. Maren Turner, State Director of AARP Kansas, and Craig Eichelman, State Director for AARP Missouri to discuss AARP's Fraud Watch Network. The Fraud Watch Network designed by AARP provides tools to help protect their members and families from identity theft and other types of fraud. Dr. Turner spoke about how AARP has been providing information to their members through presentations, websites, and newsletters to inform them of the high risk of fraud. Mr. Eichelman said that AARP Kansas is working on protecting their members by helping them get rid of important documents to help prevent fraud. The guest speakers spoke about what identity theft is, how scammers use your personal information for various things, and how they get this information by going through your mail or trash. They provided various tips to help avoid identity theft or fraud and ways to protect your identity when using the internet or phone.