Disaster Preparedness



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John H. Brown discussed what is most important for people to know when preparing for an emergency.
John H. Brown discussed resources available to help people make an emergency plan.
John H. Brown discussed the concern with house and car damage, and access to medical care and medication during an emergency.


AARP Mississippi hosted this Access Live event to discuss disaster preparedness with members across the state. Natural disasters pose dangerous situations for Mississippi residents and AARP hosted this event to share important information to help members prepare themselves and their families for emergencies and disasters. Joining the call was John H. Brown, Jr., Mississippi Executive Officer for the Alabama-Mississippi Region of American Red Cross who provided important information and resources to use in case of a natural disaster or severe weather. Hosts discussed several important preparedness steps to take so that in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency, participants can be as well-prepared as possible to deal with extreme circumstances.