AARP Mississippi Town Hall on COVID-19



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The hosts discuss issues related to outreach and enrollment efforts.
The hosts are asked what is being done to ensure access to virus testing and treatment for people of color.
The hosts discuss rural challenges and opportunities in achieving equal access to healthcare.


AARP Mississippi hosted this Access Live event to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on its disparate impact and why multicultural communities are facing greater challenges. The event featured: Dr. Victor Sutton, Director of the Office of Preventive Health and Health Equity at the Mississippi State Department of Health; Dr. Sandra Melvin, Chief Executive Officer at Institute for the Advancement of Minority Health; Dr. Christopher Roby, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Community Health Center Association of Mississippi; and Dr. Ryan Kelly, Executive Director of the Mississippi Rural Health Association and Telehealth Association. Topics discussed include access to testing and treatment, outreach and enrollment opportunities, and addressing the higher instances of comorbidities among people of color.