08/30 AARP Minnesota with Senator Al Franken




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Can we create new models to help people age in one place?
Does Senator Franken lean more towards fixing the ACA or does he think it's time to actively consider a Medicare-for-all type system?
What would it take to get another healthcare bill to the floor before repeal and replace comes back?


AARP Minnesota held this Access live event featuring U.S. Senator Al Franken of Minnesota to discuss healthcare and other issues impacting older Minnesotans. Senator Franken opened the call with a brief overview of Medicaid and the threat that attempts at health care reform puts on seniors. He addressed the rising cost of health care for seniors, and  the fact that America pays more for pharmaceuticals than any other country in the world. The senator said he thinks that the first thing Congress should tackle is insurance exchanges – since that is time sensitive – and then they should move on to options for reining in costs.