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Bank Imposter Scam
Tech Support Scams
Scams that may involve free medical devices


This live, interactive event was hosted by AARP Minnesota to discuss proactive measures that members can take to protect themselves and their loved ones from fraud. Host Will Philips, State Director of AARP Minnesota, was joined by Gary Johnson, Senior Program Outreach Manager for the BBB of Minnesota and North Dakota, and Jay Haapala, AARP Minnesota Outreach Director and Fraud Educator, to discuss current scams and how to detect them. Participants were informed of scams such as the tech support scam, where people are contacted by someone claiming to be with their current service provider and are asked to follow several prompts online. The hosts also informed participants of the AARP Fraud Watch Network that has been set up to provide information on how to protect members and their families from identity theft and other forms of fraud. Will also provided participants with information about the upcoming Scam Jam event at The Grands in Sartell, which is a half-day presentation on protection from financial crime. Participants addressed topics such as prosecution of scam artists and various scams that they have encountered.