AARP Maryland 2021 Legislative Wrap-Up



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Tammy Bresnahan answered a question about if AARP provides medical transportation.
Tammy Bresnahan and Delegate Maggie McIntosh answered a question about prescription costs.
Delegate Maggie McIntosh answered a question about property taxes for seniors.


AARP Maryland hosted this Access Live event to review and discuss the 2021 legislative session regarding important issues including prescription drug costs, nursing home safety, and affordable utilities and broadband for seniors. This event featured Delegate Maggie McIntosh, Chair House Appropriations Committee, Hank Greenberg, AARP Maryland State Director, Tammy Bresnahan, AARP Maryland Advocacy Director, and Jim Campbell, AARP Maryland State President. Participants had questions regarding transportation for seniors, caregiver and advocacy staffing, accessible voting for seniors, affordable prescription drugs, and affordable housing/tax credits.