AARP Live – The IRS Imposter Scam



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Guest speaker Sarah Jennings shares the top ten most common scams.
Guest speaker Doug Shadel shares red flags to look for in regards to online dating sites.
Guest speaker Doug Shadel offers advice to those who have suffered a recent stressful life event.


AARP Live hosted this live, interactive event to educate members on common tactics used in imposter scams. A panel of experts including Doug Shadel, AARP Washington State Director, Greg Marchildon, AARP Vermont State Director, and Sarah Jennings, AARP Regional Director, joined this event to share tips on how to detect and avoid scammers. Some of the advice given by the hosts included: taking a computer to a reputable repair shop if one suspects they have been hacked, being wary of online dating responses that are overly complimentary or that ask to borrow money, and avoiding major financial decisions if one has faced a recent stressful life event. Participants were able to ask the panel questions live on the call and addressed important topics such as online shopping scams, fraudulent crowd-sourcing campaigns, and computer repair scams.