Emergency Preparedness – Weathering the Storm



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Justin Handshoe answered a question about phone service during an emergency.
Marcie Timmerman discussed things we can do to prepare for our mental wellness during a disaster.
Justin Handshoe answered a question regarding how to find tornado shelters.


AARP Kentucky hosted this Access Live Event with emergency management professionals to discuss disaster preparedness and fraud. Topics of discussion included the necessary steps to take in preparing for and responding during emergencies, what major hazards affect the area, and steps to take to protect yourself and your family from fraud. Guest speakers Ladonna Koebel, Executive Director of the Office of Senior Protection and Mediation, Justin Handshoe, Disaster Program Manager, American red Cross-Bluegrass Chapter, and Marcie Timmerman, Executive Director of Mental Health America Kentucky answered questions regarding how to communicate with services when a disaster hits, the location of tornado shelters, and services for the disabled community.