Veteran Family Caregiving



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Cordiaro Witty provided information about the caregiver support program.
Why am I getting charged for care at Lexington VA hospital?
Can the spouse of the veteran receive VA benefits?


AARP Kentucky hosted this Access Live event to provide important information about the Caregiver Support Program for veteran and military families. The event featured Lori Paris, Codiaro Witty, and Alicia Weatherbee, all with the Robley Rex VA Medical Center in Louisville, who addressed resources regarding family caregiving. The hosts specifically discussed Programs of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers (PCAFC), General Caregiver Support Services (PGCSS) and the geriatrics program. Retired Lieutenant Col. Alma Wooley with AARP Kentucky also provided callers information about the AARP Vaccine Support Team that helps individuals without access to technology schedule COVID-19 vaccinations.