AARP Indiana Town Hall with Pete the Planner




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How do I navigate insurance when it comes to long-term care facility?
Who is most susceptible when it comes to identity theft?
I am embarrassed to fall victim to fraud; how can i get help?


AARP Indiana hosted this Access Live event to present useful tips and information to assist with current and future financial decisions. Joining AARP Indiana State Director Sarah Waddle was Peter Dunn (local author, columnist, and radio show host), also known as Pete the PlannerĀ®. Pete discussed financial planning, the idea of “financial shame”, and how to find a financial adviser to speak to. He addressed participant questions about topics such as paying for long term expenses, investing strategies, scams, social security, saving for funeral expenses, financial literacy, money markets, and annuities. Pete encouraged participants to speak to a financial adviser soon to avoid potential risks.