Combating COVID: Information on Booster Shots



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Dr. Ngozi Ezike spoke about booster shots.
Dr. Ngozi Ezike answered a question about the Moderna booster shot.
Dr. Ngozi Ezike answered a question about if you need to space out the Flu shot and the booster shot.


AARP Illinois hosted this Access Live event to connect with members and provide information about COVID-19 and the booster shot. This event featured Paula Basta, Director for the Illinois Department of Aging and Dr. Ngozi Ezike, Director of Illinois Department of Health. They discussed how Illinois is leading the country in vaccination rates, which individuals are good candidates to get the third shot, and the difference between a third shot and a booster shot. Participants answered questions regarding preventive measures to be taken against COVID-19, recommendations on mixing vaccines for the booster shot, if you need to space out the flu shot and the booster shot, and a possible plan B if FDA doesn’t approve Moderna and J&J booster shots.