AARP Illinois Town Hall on the Affordable Care Act



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Kim Hunt went over the 10 essential health benefits in the plans offered through the marketplace.
If someone is on a COBRA plan until Oct 1st, do they need to make another choice through the marketplace before the August 15th deadline?
Can I still take advantage of the special enrollment period if I lost my last job and healthcare benefits before 01/01/2020?


AARP Illinois hosted this Access Live event to discuss healthcare and the Affordable Care Act. Many people have had their health insurance affected by the global pandemic and AARP’s panel of guest speakers answered questions and provided resources on getting and maintaining insurance coverage. Associate State Director of AARP IL, Courtney Hedderman was joined by Brian Gorman, Director of Education & Outreach for the Illinois Department of Insurance and Kim Hunt, Executive Director of the Pride Action Tank to facilitate this important conversation about health insurance coverage and how to get signed up.