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How does telehealth help caregivers in Illinois?
How does telehealth help improve quality of life?
How can telehealth provide an accurate assessment of a person?


AARP Illinois hosted this Access Live event with members across the state to talk about House Bill 3498 regarding telehealthcare. This event featured Marvin Lindsey, Chief Executive Officer, Community Behavioral Healthcare Association of Illinois, State Representative Deb Conroy, and A.J. Wilhelmi, President and Chief Executive Officer, Illinois Health and Hospital Association. Panelists discussed telehealth legislation in the Senate, the potential outcomes and impacts, the benefits of telehealth for seniors, the costs of telehealth, and what kind of services are offered via telehealth. The panelists also discussed services that require face-to-face care and ensuring that telehealth will not replace in-person care. Participants had questions regarding how exactly telehealth works and what equipment is necessary to participate.