AARP IL Telephone Forum with Congresswoman Underwood

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Congresswoman Lauren Underwood provides important information about the Coronavirus.
Congresswoman Underwood addresses legislation aimed to lower costs for chronic conditions.
Associate State Director of Advocacy and Outreach Courtney Hedderman discusses AARP's Stop Rx Greed Campaign.


AARP Illinois hosted this Access Live event to discuss the rising cost of prescription drugs and AARP’s campaign to Stop Rx Greed. The event featured Associate State Director of Advocacy and Outreach for AARP IL Courtney Hedderman and Congresswoman Lauren Underwood who informed callers of proposed legislation and other organized efforts to help lower the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs. There was also significant discussion about the Cornoavirus and the congresswoman provided callers current information about the outbreak and advised the best action is to prepare properly and not panic.

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