AARP Illinois Town Hall on Frauds & Scams



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Frank Abagnale discusses how the "grandparent scam" is generated by scammers.
What is the best way to handle the high volume of robocalls?
Frank Abagnale explains "virus alerts" on personal computers and what to do with them.


AARP Illinois held this Access Live event to discuss ways to identify and protect oneself and one’s family from scams and fraud. Featured on the event was renowned cyber security and fraud prevention expert, Frank Abagnale, who is a Fraud Watch Network Ambassador. Mr. Abagnale discussed the benefits of the Fraud Watch Network including information on active scams, scam alerts, and resources to spot and avoid scams. Topics of discussion included ways to further educate oneself on staying protected, decreasing robocall frequency and how easy it can be to become a victim scam.