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How much support from the House and Senate does there need to be to veto House Bill 4391?
What else can supporters do to spread the word?
What is the economic benefit to the state?


This live, interactive event was hosted by AARP Illinois to discuss House Bill 4351. This legislation prevents over $200 million in cuts to critical home and community-based services that currently allow over 40,000 Illinois seniors to remain in their homes. Guest speakers Ryan Gruenenfelder, AARP Illinois Manager for Advocacy and Outreach, Greg Harris, Illinois State Representative, and Daniel Biss, Illinois State Senator, discussed the current threat to the Community Care Program and the services provided, such as assistance with cleaning, planning and preparing meals, and running errands. Also discussed were the effects of losing the program and what residents can do in order to reverse the veto. Participants were able to ask questions live and were urged to reach out to local legislators and ask them to vote to override the veto and keep the program intact.