COVID-19 Update with Gov. Little



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Governor Little and Dave Jeppeson answered a question about the halt of distribution of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.
The hosts answered a question about if you should get the vaccine if you've had COVID-19.
Governor Little answered a question about vaccine passports.


AARP Idaho hosted this Access Live event to provide members with the most recent Coronavirus information. This event featured Governor Brad Little and Dave Jeppeson, Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Director. They discussed the breaking news from the CDC and FDA calling for a pause on the Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine due to adverse responses and serious blood clots in some recipients. They addressed this issue, provided perspective on the number of vaccines administered versus the 6 reported cases with complications thus far, and encouraged participants to continue to get vaccinated with either the Pfizer or Moderna brands of the vaccine. Participants asked about getting vaccinated after recovering from COVID-19 and the potential for illegal immigrants coming into the state unvaccinated.