Conversation with Congresswoman Frederica Wilson



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Congresswoman Frederica Wilson answered a question about the policies included in the new law that directly affect the 50+ community.
Glen Fewkes answered a question about the Medicare prescription drug negotiations.
Congresswoman Frederica Wilson gives her opinion on what convinced law makers to pass this law.


AARP Florida hosted this Access Live event to speak with members about the new law that lowers prescription drug prices. This event featured Ken Thomas, AARP Florida State President; Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, representing Florida’s 24th congressional district; and Glen Fewkes – Director – Health Care Access & Affordability – AARP. Congresswoman expressed how she thinks it is unacceptable that Americans are paying more for prescription drugs than other countries. There was also discussion about when the law will go into effect, what convinced lawmakers to get this law passed this time, and if it matters whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes to receive benefits.